Frequently Asked Questions

What states do you sell in?

We currently sell in 13 states, check out our store locator here to find the store nearest you

Do y’all ship out of state?

Yes! We just launched our Direct to Consumer platform, find out if we ship to your state here.

What happened to Jalapeno Ranch Water?

As it stands, we’re at the end of our supply… 

Are all of your products vegan/gluten free?

All of our products are vegan/gluten free.

Who is your distributor?

We have a few distributor partners across our 13 states. To inquire about a new distributor partnership, please contact

What’s the difference between you and White Claw?

It’s night and day! White Claw’s alcohol is a malt liquor and artificial flavoring. We use only premium Tequila or Vodka depending on the drink, fresh squeezed citrus, and sparkling water. Nothing else.

What kind of tequila do you use in your Ranch Water and Paloma products?

We source a premium reposado tequila from a family-owned distillery in Jalisco, MX. Our distillers use a roller mill to extract from the agave plant. From there, they cook with brick ovens (the more traditional, craft method), ferment in stainless-steel tanks, distill in copper pots, and age for 2 months in primarily American-whiskey oak barrels.

Why don’t you work with a well-known brand?

Our tequila is made specially for us. In fact, we order it 2 month in advance so they can distill and age it properly.

Where do you produce your product?

Our products are produced primarily at our production facility in Austin, TX, but we also have a network of canning partners around the country to meet increased demand.

What kind of vodka do you use in your Chilton and Buck products?

We proudly make our own vodka. It’s a premium, corn-based, gluten-free, 6x distilled vodka that is as smooth as anything on the market.